Think back to when you were a kid, discovering new places while on vacation. Did you prefer a normal bedroom or something more adventurous? At Shore Camp, we built a small room tucked in the highest point, what formerly was an attic in the peak of the building, a retreat just for kids. Now it has carpet, 3 twin-sized beds, nightstands and plenty of natural light through 4 skylights. The skylights are operable, so you can let in breeze during warmer months, and they have shades. The highest point of the ceiling is 6 feet from the floor, and the lowest about 4 feet, so this is not intended for adults. Best of all, kids access it by a ladder, adding to the mystique and excitement.


And it's not just any ladder. It is a "drawbridge" ladder that can be retracted electrically. During your visit, we can leave the ladder down, or leave it up and out of the way if you're not going to use this space. Or if, like us, you have a toddler, you may not want her/him climbing the ladder! 

The photo showing the 3 beds is a "panoramic" photo that slightly distorts horizontal lines. In real life, the beam at the top is straight and horizontal, just like a good beam ought to be!

The "drawbridge" ladder can be retracted electically.


Let us know whether you prefer it up or down for your visit. If we don't hear otherwise, we will leave it down.

The solid wood ladder is angled for easier climbing.